Happiness Is Not A Destination
NOUR (alter ego name). 20.
I am many things. If you want to really know who I am, then you’re at the right place. No bullshit here. This is me, really me. No fake mask aiming to portray some kind of perfect girl, because well, I’m far from that nor, do I ever want to be that. The one place I come to express, not impress. I don't limit myself. No filter. If I feel like saying fuck, then FUCK! The best part about this all is you have the option to read my shit, or not. You don’t like it? Then click home. Unfollow. Believe me when I say "you will not hurt my feelings in anyway." I’m not here to satisfy you, just here to represent, Nour, me. My feelings, not yours. Unless you relate then, YES! Message me. I like to talk. But most of all I love to listen. I think we need more listeners in this world. No, I know we do. Hit me up, pretties. Oh, I almost forgot- Has anyone told you you’re beautiful today? If not, well know, that I think so. The world would not be the same place without you. Pass it on.

I DID IT!!! I GOT MY BELLY BUTTON PIERCED! I don’t know how i did it but let’s just say that i did… all thanks to this young one—-> http://youh0esdown.tumblr.com

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